AIRTRAVEL AVIATION ACADEMY was created to meet the need for professional rehabilitation and the acquisition of a diploma, easily, quickly, economically, efficiently and with international recognition. Our graduates become citizens of the world, since with the diploma they are automatically placed at the top of the list of successful candidates in all countries.

The many years of experience of the contributors, who are well-established in the field of aviation, travel agencies, freight offices, and airport operations, is the guarantee for success.

Our graduates within 2 months can obtain the degree of IATA that they are interested in and also continue by combining another diploma of the well-known university HARVARD in Leadership & Management. 

In addition to young people starting their careers with us, professionals in the field can attend our courses to update new practices and renew their knowledge and obtain a diploma that will lead them to advancement...

Armed with our globally recognized degrees, we open the doors for professional rehabilitation in airlines, travel agencies and airports around the world. In addition, our graduates, apart from obtaining the IATA/UFTA degree, have the opportunity for practical training in the subject. With the partnerships we have secured our graduates will be able to work in organizations related to their field of interest, practicing their internship which may mean their permanent professional career... AIRTRAVEL AVIATION ACADEMY is an awarded and recognized by IATA training center in Cyprus and guarantees the successful professional career of its graduates, who have all the guarantees for a secure professional rehabilitation.

Air Travel Aviation Academy was established in November 2013, with the ultimate goal of providing all students with the necessary skills to acquire professional training with internationally recognized certificates. To be trained quickly, economically and efficiently. Thus, Air Travel Aviation Academy as an authorized training center of IATA offers internationally recognized diplomas by all airlines of the world, all airports and all travel agencies as well as freight agencies. Within 2 months one can obtain a diploma and open up new professional horizons in front of him.

The CEO of our academy, Mr. Evros Consolos, with his many years of experience as an educational consultant, as well as his extensive experience gained while serving in the Police Force in the Immigration & Immigration Service where he conducted Oral/Personal Interviews in various countries at the Embassies/Consulates of the Republic of Cyprus, with prospective foreign students who wished to study in Cyprus at various Universities and Higher Education Colleges.

It is worth noting that through the personal contact he had during the interviews with student candidates from countries such as Bangladesh, China, India, Pakistan and other countries, he was able to gain vast experience regarding the educational needs of the time.

Based on the fact that a person's education is a very valuable investment, Mr. Evros Consolos as a former member of the Immigration & Naturalisation Service Immigration Service and drawing on his experience and knowledge he can study in depth the educational needs of those concerned and provide unmistakable information and advice .

Mr. Consolos, with professionalism and care in the educational pursuits of those interested, fully believes that the student in our academy deserves personal contact, wise advice for a secure professional rehabilitation.